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About Wood Bowls, Cutting Boards, And Wood Care

Hot items or cold, our bowls and boards are food safe and made to be used. Create your favorite salad, offer charcuterie to guests, cut meat, fish, veggies, and fruit, serve pasta and stew, or make an ice cream sundae! Create, cut, and enjoy!

To make a gift extra special, we offer engraving on all of our standard bowls and boards. For $50, you can choose up to 2 short lines to be engraved on a bowl or board. Some popular engraving ideas are: 

•Wedding couple's names and wedding date 

•Significant anniversary, birthday, or milestone 

•A short meaningful quote 

Click here for more information on Engraving.

Each bowl is distinct and unique. Our images online are fair representations of what you are purchasing, however, slight variations do exist from one bowl to the next. Variations are due to wood grain (trees are not all exactly the same), the thickness of the bowl, and the individual style of the wood turner.

We ship via UPS, Monday through Friday. Most orders ship out within 1-2 business days,, except during the holiday season, and special promotional events. As a small business, please understand that we are not able to control increases in shipping charges or delivery times by UPS.

We are not able to take custom orders, but we hope and expect you will enjoy the many specific designs and products we offer. We do provide engraving and find our customers love adding this special touch to customize their purchases.

Live edge refers to the live part of the tree just below the bark. You can identify a “Live Edge” by the irregular, natural-looking edge that is unique to each wooden bowl and board. Learn more about what makes a live edge from this blog post.

Larger bowls are handcrafted from larger trees. These logs are harder to find, more expensive to bring to our factory, and require far more time to complete the woodturning process. These factors together with our commitment to compensating our employees fairly for their time results in pricing variation among our bowl sizes.

Yes. We are proud to say that all of our products are handmade at our flagship location in Vermont. Our workshop and retail store is located inHartland, Vermont, (between Quechee and Woodstock). Visit our retail store and take in Vermont. We have something for everyone, in any season!

No, and no. Hand-wash and dry, please. You can find more detailed care instructions here.

The majority of our logs are sourced from New York and Pennsylvania. We do occasionally get a maple tree from Vermont or New Hampshire. As far as wood imports go, we are extremely local. In addition to purchasing sustainable logs, we’ve committed to planting one tree for every log we use during the year through One Tree Planted.

The two main hardwood types we offer are cherry and walnut. Cherry is a lighter reddish brown that will get darker over time, especially when exposed to sunlight. Walnut is a rich dark brown that will stay the same color infinitely. Cherry products tend to seem more traditional while our walnut products are more rustic. 

Here you can place an explanation or answer to the question.

Our wood products are only treated with our allergen-free premium wood oil, so the wood grain is as natural as it can possibly be, with a smooth and satiny finish. Therefore, the wood shows its natural markings. These markings can include small, dark pitch pockets, variations in the wood, or the amount of sapwood in the product. Each tree, product, and cut will never be the same. The beauty is in the differences!

Yes! Our premium refined walnut oil is made from walnuts but is excellent to use on other utility products, like wooden bowls and cutting boards. We discourage the use of our wood care product on furniture. Learn more about Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil.

Andrew is Simon's eldest son. Simon's father Phillip was a ceramicist, so Andrew is part of three generations of craftsmen who have a passion for three different mediums: pottery, glass, and wood. Andrew is also a skilled welder.

Review our return policy for more information. If you have a first-quality item that you are unsatisfied with, please return it to us within 30 days of purchase. As we are a small business, we do not offer free shipping on returns.

Cherry has a lighter yellow-reddish-brown wood grain that will naturally darken over time when exposed to UV rays. Cherry products tend to fit a more traditional aesthetic.

Walnut is a rich, dark brown color that will stay the same tones. Walnut products appeal to a more rustic, modern aesthetic. 

All are hardwood types with similar durability and quality.  that we are able to source from responsible, local loggers.

Many people have a preference when it comes to wood types, based on their style and often how their home is decorated. We offer our 3 main wood options: walnut, cherry, and maple.Walnut (a.k.a. black walnut) 

Andrew's personal favorite for turning bowls! Walnut bowls are great for your modern and rustic decor. Tones range from warm caramel to espresso brown, sometimes with red undertones. Its grain can vary from open to more closed and often has beautiful waves. Walnut is also very popular for furniture since it's so hard and durable. We source our walnut logs from sustainable partners in upstate New York. 

Cherry (a.k.a. black cherry) 

Our best seller for gifts. Cherry bowls have more of a traditional look and complement homes with cherry cabinets, floors, or furniture. Cherry wood tone starts off as a strawberry blond when it's freshly milled, and darkens/patinas over time the more it's exposed to sunlight. Aged cherry will be a rich amber color when it fully patinas. Sometimes cherry has dark flecks in the grain, which come from pitch-pockets that add even more uniqueness. The grain of cherry wood is often tight and straight. Our cherry logs are sourced from sustainable partners in Pennsylvania. 

MAPLE is a very dense wood type with a tight grain. When the turning, sanding, and oiling on maple is complete, it has an incredibly smooth feel. It's a light colored blond wood and very uniform in tone.

Occasionally we can source unique varieties of maple, like spalted or a maple tree where the bark grows on the inside of the tree ("fingernail").

All of our products are crafted to be used and last a lifetime with proper care. Cherry, Walnut and Maple are very hard woods and thus extremely durable.

The art of handcrafting natural wood products can lead to imperfections. We call these gems, Seconds. The unique items found in our Seconds selection differ slightly from those that meet our highest quality standards, but Seconds are food-safe, sturdy, and perfectly imperfect. Many of our customers prefer our Seconds collection, and not just for the 20% discounted price. We like to think they value wooden bowls and boards found in Seconds as an even more distinct keepsake. 

• A knot in the woodgrain 

• Markings from drying in the kiln (called checking)

• Slight crack that was repaired

• Size specifications

• Look for the small “s” next to our logo - that's how you know it’s an Andrew Pearce Seconds. 

No, our products are created to allow the authentic, singular beauty of the wood grain to shine.

Yes! You can confidently cut any food (raw and cooked) on our wood cutting boards.

Woods have been known to contain antimicrobial compounds and have been shown to be safer than plastic cutting boards.

There are two steps in the process that extend the time needed for hand producing a finished product. First, there is hands-on time to actually cut and carve the bowl according to the desired shape and size. Then, there is what we call “tombstone time” during which the bowl sits inside a kiln to dry. Naturally, larger bowls take longer to craft, dry and then complete.

The time it takes to make a bowl drastically depends on the size of the bowl. A small bowl can take up to 45 minutes of hands-on time. A large bowl can take up to 3 hours of hands-on time. In addition to the working time, a bowl must sit in a drying chamber for up to 4 weeks. Therefore, from the time a log arrives to when a bowl is delivered to a customer, three-four months have passed.

When products are ‘out of stock’ it is because we have sold everything made and are in the process of creating more!

With proper care, which includes using our food safe Refined Walnut Wood Oil and following our care instructions, your bowls and boards will last a lifetime.

Great Question. It depends upon the reason for the gift and that individual’s lifestyle. Contact us so we can help guide you in choosing a ‘fail-proof’’ gift.

Maybe! Interested in joining our dedicated team? Here’s a list of current employment opportunities.

Shortly after the kiln-drying process, our bowls are hand turned, sanded, and oiled with boiled walnut oil. The rough bowls' natural moisture is removed during the kiln-drying process. Further oil application will prevent more moisture from leaving the bowl, which will stop further drying of the bowl and eventual cracking.

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