Wooden Salad Servers

All of our handmade wooden salad servers come as a pair and are available in multiple sizes. These premium wood salad servers are available in two different styles of cherry and walnut hardwood.

Andrew Pearce Introduction Bundles

$650.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut


How do you clean wooden salad servers?

Wash your wooden salad servers with warm water and soap. Towel dry and recondition with Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil to preserve the beauty of your product.

How do you get onion smell out of wood salad servers?

The smell of onion can be more difficult to remove from wooden products. We recommend trying a sprinkle of baking soda and then lemon juice to clean and remove any unwanted odor. As always, wash with soap and warm water and then towel dry as well. - Haven’t noticed this with our products before

Are wood salad servers sanitary?

Yes, all of our Andrew Pearce wooden salad servers are food safe and made specifically to enjoy with your creative salads.

What is the best oil for wooden salad servers?

Our Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil is best for maintaining the natural beauty of your wooden salad servers, and all of the other wooden products we create.

Can you put wooden salad servers in the dishwasher?

No, wooden products should never be placed in a dishwasher.  Hand wash with warm water and soap, and then towel dry.

What wood is best for wooden salad servers?

The “best” wood for wooden salad servers comes down to the natural wood coloring you like best.  Both hardwoods, walnut wood is more of a rich espresso color and cherry wood is lighter with hints of red and orange.

Are wooden salad servers safer than plastic?

The debate between wood and plastic is decidedly in favor of wood as it is naturally antimicrobial and less likely to carry bacteria, with proper wood care.

How do you get a stain out of wood salad servers?

The best way to prevent stains is by washing your new wooden product immediately when you get it, and then apply Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil to fully dry servers. You are much less likely to experience staining after taking this initial protective step.

How do you remove scratches from wooden salad servers?

You don’t. Scratches do form on wooden products, but they can look less noticeable with regular reconditioning using Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil.