Housewarming Gifts

Notch Dough Bowl


Medium Live Edge (oval) Wooden Bowl

$250.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut

Large Echo (square) Wooden Bowl

$400.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut

Andrew Pearce Introduction Bundles

$650.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut

Simon & Andrew Woodbury Bourbon Duo

$100.00 +

Grand Isle Wood Plate Collection

$60.00 +

cherry cherry

Round Serving Platter & Tray

$220.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut

Shelburne Wooden Tray


VT Wicks Handmade Candles

$25.00 +

VT Woodland Tree-O + Candle Holder


cherry cherry
walnut walnut

UASHMAMA Linen Bread Bag

$36.00 +

Uashmama Placemat


Uashmama Laundry Bag


Linen Tea Towels


Vermont Wood Cut Prints

$180.00 +

second quality items from Andrew Pearce Bowls in Hartland VT.


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The art of handcrafting natural wood products can lead to imperfections. We call these gems, Seconds! The unique items found in our Seconds selection differ slightly from those that meet our highest quality standards, but Seconds are food-safe, sturdy, and perfectly imperfect.

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