What can I use your bowls/boards for?

They are food safe and made to be used. Salads, fruits, pastas, stews, chopping and serving are just a few ideas.

What can I have engraved?

To make a gift extra special, we offer engraving on our standard bowls and boards. For $30, you can choose up to 2 short lines* (25 characters each) to be engraved. Some popular engraving ideas are: 

•Wedding couple's names and wedding date 

•Significant anniversary, birthday, or milestone 

•A short meaningful quote 

Click here for more information on Engraving.

Do all of your bowls look like the photos online?

Each bowl is one of a kind and will vary in wood grain, as well as some are slightly thicker or thinner than others. This is due to each tree being unique and each bowl being handmade and by different bowl turners.

How does shipping work for orders placed online?

We ship FedEx Monday – Friday. Most orders ship out within 1-2 business days except during holidays and special events. Please note: as a small business, we are not able to control increases to shipping charges or deliver times by FedEx.

Can I order a custom bowl/board?

As of 2021, we are not able to take custom orders. Our workshop is set up for our own specific designs.

Live Edge?

Live edge is right under where the bark use to be. It was where the live part of the tree was. You can tell by the irregular, natural looking edge that is unique to each bowl and board. You can find more information on what makes a live edge from this blog post.

Why such a price jump from size to size bowl?

The larger the bowl, the bigger the log and the harder to find, making those logs more expensive. In addition to that, more time goes into processing and hand turning each larger sized bowl. We are committed to treating our employees well and offering them a fair wage. That includes compensating them for that time and their craft.

Are your products made in the USA?

Yes. Our little shop is located in Hartland, Vermont.

Are these products dishwasher or oven safe?

No and no. Hand-wash and air dry please. You can find more detailed care instructions here.

Where is your wood sourced?

We have different wood sources based out of New England. The majority of our logs come from New York or Pennsylvania. On occasion we will get a tree or a few from Vermont or New Hampshire. This is extremely local as far as wood imports go.

What is the difference between the types of wood offered?

The two main wood types we offer are cherry and walnut. Cherry is a lighter yellowish/reddish brown that will get darker over time, especially when exposed to sunlight.Walnut is a rich dark brown that will stay the same color infinitely. Both are very hard wood types. Walnut is slightly harder.

What are these markings on my wood products?

Our wood products are only treated with our allergen free premium wood oil, so the wood grain is as natural as it can possibly be, with a smooth and satiny finish. Therefore, the wood shows its natural markings. These markings can be small dark pitch line pockets, variation in colors of the rings of the wood, or sap wood. Some bowls have more sap wood than others, depending on the tree or the cut of the wood. Each tree, product, and cut will never be the same. The beauty is in the differences!

Can your "Walunt Oil" be used on other wood types than walnut?

Yes! Our premium refined walnut oil is made from walnuts, but is great to use on any type of wood surface that is not finished with a polyurethane. Here is more information on caring for your wood products.

Are Andrew Pearce and Simon Pearce related?

Andrew is Simon's eldest son. Simon's father Phillip was a ceramicist, so Andrew is part of three generations of artisans who have a passion for three different mediums: pottery, glass, and wood. Andrew is also a skilled welder.

What if I would like to return one of my purchases

Check out our return policy for more information. If you have a first quality item that you are unsatisfied with, send it to 59 US Route 4E, Woodstock, VT 06091. We will gladly send you a replacement.