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Your home can be a statement about your lifestyle, and we love offering handmade accents to enliven any room. Whether relaxing at home or entertaining guests, enjoy the functional beauty of handcrafted wood designs. Need a decorative table setting for a special event? Looking for that perfect gift for a dear friend? We know that memorable, quality-made home accents help to curate our most beloved spaces.

Vermont Forestland Collection

$120.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut

VT Woodland Tree-O + Candle Holder


cherry cherry
walnut walnut

VT Woodland Tree-O


cherry cherry
walnut walnut

Wooden Snowflake Ornaments


Simon & Andrew Woodbury Photo Block


French Rolling Pin

$60.00 +

cherry cherry
walnut walnut

Metal Bowl Stand

$55.00 +

Rough Bowls

$35.00 +

VT Wicks Handmade Candles

$25.00 +

Vermont Wood Cut Prints

$130.00 +

Linen Tea Towels


Best Bee Savvy Hand Salve


Uashmama Placemat


Uashmama Paper Bag

$21.00 +

Uashmama Laundry Bag


Uashmama Linen Bread Bag

$30.00 +

Uashmama Otti Bag


Uashmama Alle Bag

$140.00 +