Simon & Andrew Shoreham Decanter Set


Refined and stylish, this essential decanter set combines a custom Andrew Pearce walnut wood base with a stunning Shoreham Decanter and two curvy Shoreham Whiskey glasses, crafted by the talented artists of Simon Pearce. The wooden base features a lip around the board for easy carrying and 3 inlays that secure the glassware. The rich hue of sustainably sourced walnut wood complements the glimmer of the elevated glassware. This whiskey gift set merges top-tier glassware with meticulously handcrafted wood, creating a striking addition to any bar setup.


CUSTOM BOARD: 11" wide x 10" deep x 1" high

SHOREHAM DECANTER: 5½" wide x 5½" deep x 9" high. Holds 50 ounces.

SHOREHAM WHISKEY GLASSES: 3" wide x 3" deep x 3½" high. Each holds 7 ounces.

Handmadein Vermont