XXL Champlain (classic) Wooden Bowl



These phenomenal bowls are 24" in diameter and were carefully hand-turned in multiple styles and wood types. Our XXL wooden salad bowls are the largest, functional, wooden bowls that are hand-turned from a single piece of wood on a lathe in the United States.

Each XXL bowl purchase includes a FREE set of XL Salad Servers that match your bowl. 

If you enjoy handmade novelty items, bold designs, and hosting super-sized dinner parties, then this bowl was handmade for you and your lifestyle.

Like all of our wood products, these bowls are finished only with our food-safe, allergen-free Walnut Wood Oil. The natural grain and coloring of the sustainably sourced wood is intentionally prominent in our products, making each bowl truly one-of-a-kind.

**We are unable to provide gift packaging or engraving for this size bowl.

Handmadein Vermont