Simon & Andrew Dunmore Board w/ 2 Glass Bowls


This gorgeous Simon & Andrew collaboration board features an extra-large, centered well, perfect for hosting and entertaining. Two bowls are inset into the Live Edge board, keeping them securely in place. Inlay handles have been included on the sides for ease of carrying.

The glass bowls measure approximately 3.25" x 3.25".

The board measures approximately 18" long x 8" wide

Handmadein Vermont

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jennifer Buhler
Gorgeous and practical!

I ordered one and found that I used it all the time. It’s beautiful, practical, and a lovely piece.
I got one for my sister and she and her husband use it frequently, as well.
It looks perfect in a casual setting, but holds its own in a dressier setting, too.
You will be pleased with this purchase! Now I need to order some oil to re-condition the board.

Beau D.
Excellent for charcuterie!

I received this board as a wedding gift and we love it. The bowls are really heavy duty and the inlaid handles on the board are such a nice touch. And the customer service team is also amazing!