Many people have a preference when it comes to wood types, based on their style and often how their home is decorated. We offer our 3 main wood options: walnut, cherry, and maple. All of these are high quality hard woods that we are able to source from responsible, local loggers. 

If you are unsure which wood type is right for you, our sales staff is always happy to help you choose. Here's more about each one: 

Walnut (a.k.a. black walnut) 

  Andrew's personal favorite for turning bowls! Walnut bowls are great for your modern and rustic decor. Tones range from warm caramel to espresso brown, sometimes with red undertones. Its grain can vary from open to more closed and often has beautiful waves. Walnut is also very popular for furniture since it's so hard and durable. We source our walnut logs from sustainable partners in upstate New York. 


Cherry (a.k.a. black cherry) 

  Our best seller for gifts. Cherry bowls have more of a traditional look and complement homes with cherry cabinets, floors, or furniture. Cherry wood tone starts off as a strawberry blond when it's freshly milled, and darkens/patinas over time the more it's exposed to sunlight. Aged cherry will be a rich amber color when it fully patinas. Sometimes cherry has dark flecks in the grain, which come from pitch-pockets that add even more uniqueness. The grain of cherry wood is often tight and straight. Our cherry logs are sourced from sustainable partners in Pennsylvania. 


Maple (species varies)  

   The state tree of Vermont! Andrew is very selective in choosing only the best quality local maple logs. Maple is a very dense wood type with a tight grain. When the turning, sanding, and oiling on maple is complete, it has an incredibly smooth feel. It's a light colored blond wood and very uniform in tone. Occasionally we can source unique varieties of maple, like spalted or a maple tree where the bark grows on the inside of the tree ("fingernail"). 


Whichever wood type you choose, they all are handcrafted and heirloom quality. You can't go wrong! 

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