Step 1

  • Choose a plant variety that will thrive in the planter's intended location.

  • In this example, we chose ivy because it doesn’t require much watering and love the sun.

  • The plants that are chosen also dictate the type of soil you should use. (Pansies make lovely hanging plants as well).  

  • If you do choose plants that need heavier watering, we recommend drilling 1-3 holes in the bottom of the rough bowl, depending on the size rough bowl being used. 

Step 2

  • Select your Andrew Pearce kiln-dried rough bowl. These can be purchased either online or in-store. 

Step 3

  • If needed, drill two holes into the empty rough bowl to allow for proper drainage. 

  • Fill the rough bowl with soil nearly to the rim. In this example, we didn't need to drill any holes for drainage as we will not be watering often but opted instead to use a moisture control potting mix. 

Step 4

  • Dig a little well in the soil now in the rough well, where you would like the plants to be placed. We just used our hands, but a measuring cup should do the trick.

  • In our example, this was an easy decision, but try and think about design and how colors and textures will complement one another if planting 2+ plants. 


Step 5

  • Release the plants from their plastic containers and break up the roots gently. The old soil should loosely fall from the roots.

  • Place your plant into the well and gently cover it with soil.

  • Once all plants have gone through the same process, gently pat the top of the soil around the rough bowl. 

Step 6

  • Purchase or create your own macrame hangers as we did. This tutorial is very helpful. 

  • Instead of hanging these rough bowls, you could also select two core shells at similar heights, put together, then place another core shell on top.

  • Nest the rough bowl planter in the core shell. 

And there you have it. Unique hanging rough planters that are rustic, whimsical, and resourceful. 

    Plant Suggestions:

    • Select plants that will thrive without being root-bound. 

    • Select the appropriate plants for the environment in which they'll live. 

    • Rough bowl planters kept inside will last much longer than rough bowl planters exposed to the elements. We recommend Bird’s Nest Fern, Cacti, and Succulents.  

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