Over a decade of dedication to sustainability and environmentally friendly processes including planting a tree for every tree taken down.

Hartland, VT, June 1, 2022 – Andrew Pearce Bowls is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month as a Vermont owned business known and respected world-wide for its unique craftsmanship and design of wooden bowls and wood cutting boards. “This is a milestone that I am extremely proud to have achieved, and I am deeply grateful as I share it with my family, loyal customers, and magnificent staff,” said Andrew Pearce, Founder, Owner, Andrew Pearce Bowls. “All of these people have contributed to the success of Andrew Pearce Bowls and for me personally, it’s been a tremendous journey. I am particularly gratified by of our commitment to design, function, and sustainability in every handcrafted wooden product we create.”

The Pearce name is well known and associated with elegant and unique craftsmanship. Andrew Pearce explains, “Our 10-year anniversary is extraordinary because my craft and my business is born out of decades of tradition. Generations of Pearce family members before me were, and are, artisans. Each of us shares a love of creating with our hands and a commitment to practice our crafts with the utmost respect for our impact on the environment. The success I’ve achieved with woodworking is my contribution to our family story of artistry done with innovation, passion, and a conscious effort to protect the environment in all that we do.”


About Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce spent a decade working for his father, Simon Pearce, in his Vermont-based glass-blowing business.  From a young age, Andrew had a deep desire to create a business of his own and eventually focused on wood. He set out to launch a wooden bowl company and quickly learned that finding even the machinery to turn wood bowls was close to non-existent. “There wasn’t an industry at that time, so I had to fabricate the wood turning equipment before I could even start the process of turning wood bowls. Once I built the equipment, I then began the process of learning how to hand turn wood. The initial few years were full of trial and error until I was able to turn our wooden bowls in a manner that I knew would result in elegant yet functional designs,” Pearce said.  


Environmentally Friendly

Since its inception, Andrew Pearce Bowls has been working with loggers across Vermont, Pennsylvania and New York who understand and respect best practices in the logging industry.  The company has always and will remain committed to planting a tree for every tree cut down to support the craft of hand-turning wooden bowls and cutting boards. Andrew Pearce also served on the board of the Vermont Wood Works Council. “There is a science and a cycle to cutting trees and it matters to me because I care about climate change,” Pearce noted. “Everything we do has an impact but having the least impact and doing things the best way we can matters,” he added.

Andrew Pearce Bowls is environmentally conscious in its approach to every facet of the business, including:

  • Planting one tree for every tree used
  • Coring multiple bowls in a nesting pattern to be efficient with each block of wood
  • Repurposing sawdust and shavings for local farmers
  • Running the facility on solar and hydro energy as much as possible; and
  • Exclusively using recycled and renewable packing materials for shipping products to customers.


Special 10-Year Anniversary Event

On Friday, June 10th, all first or second quality wooden bowls, wood cutting boards, and burl bowls purchased in-store or online will be personally signed by Andrew Pearce, to say thank you for 10 incredible years!



About Andrew Pearce Bowls

Founded in 2012, Andrew Pearce Bowls is a Vermont company known for its unique and functional design of hand turned wooden bowls and wood cutting boards. Andrew Pearce Bowls prides itself on its commitment to the environment and planting a tree for every tree cut down.  For more information, visit our website at www.andrewpearcebowls.com


Media Contact

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Phone: (802) 735-1884
Address: 59 US Route 4 East
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State: Vermont
Country: United States
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