This harvest board can be recreated using any Andrew Pearce Cutting/Presentation Board.
I decided to use one of our Thick Double Live Edge Presentation Boards in Walnut. I love this board because of its rich color, its look, and ample surface area. Its holding grooves also make it convenient to transport whatever it is topped with.

Making Your Harvest Board:

1. Have a solid base.

The base of any great cheese board is cheese, meat, and bread/crackers. It is a good idea to consult someone who is well versed in the knowledge of meat and cheese. If you are that person, even better! My guy is Ken from the Hanover Co-op.

Ken directed me to four different kinds of cheeses: a classic chèvre goat cheese from Vermont Creamery, a nikuterbi truffle cheese, a highlander cow and goat milk cheese, and a stilton heavily aged blue cheese, for an excellent variety. He also showed me two different styles of salami: a finocchiona salami from Babette's Table, here in VT, and a spicy chorizo sausage made from the legendary Iberico pig of Spain. Ken advised to pair relatively plain crackers or bread with these choices. When you have such a flavorful and quality meat and cheese selection, the breads are able to act more as a vehicle and for texture rather than for taste.

2. Putting "Harvest" in your Harvest Board.

I added pumpkin seeds, nuts, carrots, apples, cranberry pistachio crisps, and a mini pumpkin to give a harvest feel to this spread.

3. Color.

Fall time makes me think of reds, oranges and purples. I wanted to add some darker elements for the moody change of season, so I included black raspberries, red grapes, purple kale, and a fig & ginger jam to darken things up.

4. Garnish

In addition to the tiny pumpkin, I garnished this board with some rosemary and sage to give a pop of green and a lovely fragrance. Honey was a little touch to complement the cheeses. Plus, everything is better with honey.

List of Goods

• classic chèvre goat cheese
• moliterno truffle cheese
• highlander cow and goat milk cheese
• stilton heavily aged blue cheese
• finocchiona salami
• spicy chorizo sausage
• plain wheat or oyster crackers
• baguette
• pumpkin seeds
• nuts
• carrots
• apples
• cranberry pistachio crisps
• black raspberries
• red grapes
• fig & ginger jam
• honey
 Decorative Purposes
• mini/tiny pumpkin
• purple kale
• rosemary & sage
 Andrew Pearce Thick Double Live Edge Presentation Board
• Simon Pearce square glass bowl

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