Corporate gifting has evolved into an art form, a means to express gratitude and reinforce employee engagement and loyalty. Here at Andrew Pearce Bowls, we believe corporate gifts are more than mere presents; they are symbols of appreciation that forge strong connections between employees and leadership or with valued customers.

Why Do Corporate Gifts Matter?

Boost Employee Morale!

Corporate gifts have the remarkable ability to uplift employees' spirits and boost morale. Receiving a thoughtful gift fosters a sense of appreciation, which, in turn, enhances job satisfaction and motivation. Real-life stories of employees feeling valued through gifts resonate with many.

Foster Employee Loyalty!

Loyalty is the bedrock of any successful organization. Corporate gifts play a pivotal role in long-term employee retention. By recognizing and appreciating the dedication of their staff, companies cultivate loyalty. Statistical data and case studies demonstrate the tangible impact of loyalty programs.

Strengthen Team Dynamics!

A cohesive team is vital for an organization's success. Corporate gifts can also play a part in fostering stronger team dynamics. Consider team-building activities or retreats as gifts. These not only serve as a token of appreciation but also as opportunities for team members to bond and collaborate.

A Wooden bowl or wood cutting board that’s been handmade by dedicated woodworkers in Vermont will be a lasting gift for those you appreciate.

With so many corporate gift options available, why choose thoughtfully made wood designs from Andrew Pearce?

  • Symbol of Quality: Handcrafted wooden items symbolize quality and craftsmanship. They represent the care and attention to detail that your organization extends to its employees and clients.
  • Durability & Longevity: Wooden bowls and cutting boards are known for their durability and longevity. Gifting such items conveys a message of lasting appreciation.
  • Personalization Possibilities: Most of our wooden items can be engraved with personalized messages, employee names, or company logos, adding a unique and personal touch.
  • Versatile Utility: Handcrafted wooden bowls and cutting boards are versatile in their utility. They serve as elegant kitchen accessories, decorative pieces, and conversation starters.

Some of our most popular corporate gift options.

round serving platter and tray is a popular choice for corporate gifts

Round Serving Platter & Tray

large single live edge cutting board is a popular corporate gift

Large Single Live Edge Cutting Board

medium Champlain bowl is a popular corporate gift

Medium Champlain Bowl

medium double live edge cutting board is a popular corporate gift
Medium Double Live Edge Board

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