It’s time to pop open that bottle of wine, bring out your wooden board, cheeses, olives, meats, crackers, jams and more. Enter our Winter Charcuterie Board Contest and have a chance to win an Andrew Pearce board or platter of your choosing. 

1. Submit your entry by February 11, 2022
2. Build your delicious charcuterie board on a wooden Andrew Pearce board/platter (required).
3. Email at least 1 picture of your finished board to and/or tag @andrewpearcebowls in the picture on Instagram.
4. Please provide your name, state, and a list of ingredients used - specific brand names are great to know!
5. The final step is to leave a review on our website for your specific board/platter.

Points for creativity, style, and local ingredients ;) Our team is excited to see how you’ve been building your boards! The chosen winner will be notified via email or Instagram DM.

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