In 1953, Philip Pearce started Shanagarry Pottery in East Cork, Ireland. He handcrafted housewares using locally sourced clay, some of which was dug by his own sons. This was Andrew's grandfather.

Steven and Simon Pearce apprenticed under Philip. Steven started making his own pottery in 1973 and created his own signature style. This was Andrew's uncle.

Then Glass - Simon Pearce

Inspired by his upbringing, Simon Pearce found himself learning from glassblowers throughout Europe and eventually created his own glass blowing business which he moved to the United States in the ‘80s. This was Andrew's father.

The Pearce family built their new home and business in Vermont.

Now Wood - Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce worked under his father for ten years before he began turning wooden bowls and became the third generation of craftsmen in his family. Andrew started his own business in 2012, continuing this unique family tradition.