One of the most common questions we get in our Vermont retail store is: "what makes a Second a Second?" 

The short answer is some bowls and boards do not meet our strict quality standards for first quality. Seconds are stamped w/ a small "S" next to our logo. Here are examples: 

  • a knot in the woodgrain 
  • markings from drying in the kiln (called checking)
  • slight crack that was repaired
  • size specifications

We always ensure all bowls and boards are still fully functional, structurally sound, and perfectly safe to use every day. 

Many customers prefer second quality over first; not just for the break in price, but because they're even more unique. Wood naturally has its own distinct character, and seconds are no exception. SHOP SECONDS

If you have questions, or need additional photos, our sales team will be happy to help. Call us at (802) 734-1884 x 1, or email 


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