Wooden bowls and wood cutting boards have long been cherished kitchen essentials, valued not only for their functionality but also for their aesthetic appeal. In this article, we will explore the artistry behind these culinary companions, delving into why Andrew Pearce Bowls has a special fondness for walnut and cherry wood.

Walnut Wood used for a wood cutting board and a wooden live edge salad bowl

The Allure of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood, with its rich, dark hues and distinct grain patterns, stands out as a popular choice for crafting both wooden bowls and cutting boards. As artisans, we recognize the distinctive qualities of walnut and incorporate them into our uniquely shaped bowls and boards.

Walnut wood, often referred to as the "King of Hardwoods," possesses a deep, chocolate-brown color. Its beauty is more than skin deep; it is a durable hardwood that provides exceptional longevity to your kitchen essentials.

Premium wood materials

At Andrew Pearce Bowls, the selection of walnut wood is meticulous, ensuring only the finest quality materials that are responsibly resourced, are used in crafting our wooden bowls and cutting boards. For every tree used, we plant one. This commitment to sustainability and excellence results in wooden products that are not only visually stunning but also built to last.

Wood grain patterns

The grain patterns found in walnut wood are truly captivating. The swirling, marbled appearance adds an artistic touch to each piece. These patterns are not just for show; they also contribute to the wood's strength and stability, making it an ideal choice for cutting boards that can withstand years of use.

Elegant wood designs

When you choose a walnut cutting board or bowl from our collections, you're not just selecting a kitchen tool; you're adding a piece of art to your culinary space. The elegant designs and smooth finish of walnut products enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Food-safe wood finishes

Importantly, we take the safety of our customers seriously. Each wooden product is finished with Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil. This premium, non-toxic, food-safe wood oil, and allergen-free walnut oil helps maintain the natural beauty and integrity of cherished wood items. It penetrates deep into the wood grain and then hardens, giving the product a longer-lasting finish that will not evaporate like mineral oil finishes. Walnut oil hardens into a food-safe, satin finish.

Cherry wood used for a wood cutting board and a wooden bowl by Andrew Pearce Bowls

The Charisma of Cherry Wood

Cherry wood, known for its warm, reddish-brown tones, has its own unique charm that we value in crafting wooden bowls and cutting boards.

Unique wood grains

Cherry wood exhibits a beautiful, subtle grain pattern that adds character and depth to each piece. It is this distinctive grain that makes cherry a favorite among woodworkers and artisans alike.

Eco-friendly wood products

Sustainability is a top priority for us. Cherry wood is a sustainable choice as it is readily available in North America. In fact, Andrew Pearce Bowls sources all of its wood from loggers committed to responsible logging practices and located within the northeast region.  Choosing cherry products from Andrew Pearce Bowls is not only a style statement but also an eco-conscious choice. 

Natural wood beauty

Cherry wood's color deepens over time, transitioning to a richer, reddish-brown shade. This natural aging process adds a unique and personal touch to your cherry wooden bowls and cutting boards, making them truly one-of-a-kind. 

Long-lasting cutting boards

Cherry wood's durability makes it an excellent option for cutting boards. It can handle the demands of a busy kitchen while maintaining its beauty.

Walnut vs. Cherry wood

Choosing between walnut and cherry wood may come down to personal preference. While walnut offers a dark, dramatic look, cherry exudes warmth and elegance. Andrew Pearce Bowls caters to both preferences, allowing customers to select the wood that resonates with their personal style and needs. 

Walnut and cherry wood are favored choices for good reason. These woods not only possess stunning aesthetics but also offer durability and functionality that elevate the kitchen experience. Whether you opt for the rich sophistication of walnut or the warm charisma of cherry, you can trust Andrew Pearce Bowls to deliver exceptional wooden bowls and cutting boards that stand the test of time.


Customers have been asking questions about choosing the best woods for wooden bowls and wood cutting boards, specifically walnut and cherry, as favored by Andrew Pearce Bowls. 

What Makes Walnut and Cherry Woods Ideal for Wooden Bowls and Cutting Boards?

Walnut and cherry woods offer a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Walnut, with its dark, rich color and unique grain patterns, provides a luxurious look to your kitchen. It's a durable hardwood that can withstand the rigors of cutting and chopping, making it an excellent choice for cutting boards. Cherry wood, on the other hand, with its warm tones and subtle grain, adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It's also highly durable and ages beautifully, making it a great option for wooden bowls. Andrew Pearce Bowls chooses these woods for their exceptional qualities, ensuring you have both style and substance in your kitchen essentials.

Are Walnut and Cherry Woods Safe for Food Preparation?

Yes, both Walnut and Cherry woods are safe for food preparation when used as directed and finished with food-safe coatings like Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Oil. Andrew Pearce Bowls prioritizes the safety of their customers, and their walnut and cherry products are carefully finished to meet food safety standards. These finishes not only protect the wood but also create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface for your culinary tasks. Rest assured that when you choose products from Andrew Pearce, you're getting kitchen tools that are both stylish and safe.

How Do I Maintain Walnut and Cherry Wooden Bowls and Cutting Boards?

Maintaining your Walnut and Cherry wooden bowls and cutting boards is simple. For daily cleaning, wash them with mild soap and warm water, then dry them thoroughly. Avoid soaking them for extended periods. We recommend applying Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Oil every six months to keep the wood hydrated and looking its best. This also helps prevent the wood from drying out. With proper care, your walnut and cherry wood products items from Andrew Pearce will last for many years.

Can I Use Walnut and Cherry Wooden Bowls for Hot Foods?

Yes, you can use walnut and cherry wooden bowls for serving hot foods, but it's essential to handle them with care. These woods are naturally heat-resistant, but extreme heat can cause damage. Avoid placing extremely hot pots or pans directly onto the wooden surface.

Which Wood Should I Choose, Walnut, or Cherry?

The choice between walnut and cherry ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve in your home. Walnut offers a dramatic, dark appearance with striking grain patterns, while cherry exudes warmth and elegance with its reddish-brown hues. Consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and your individual style when making your decision. Andrew Pearce Bowls offers a variety of designs in both woods, allowing you to find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

charcuterie board shown in walnut hardwood

In the world of wooden kitchenware, Walnut and Cherry woods shine as the stars, and Andrew Pearce Bowls in Vermont has mastered the art of crafting the most elegant and long-lasting creations from these exceptional materials.

Whether you prefer the dramatic allure of Walnut or the inviting charm of Cherry, Andrew Pearce Bowls offers an extensive range of wooden bowls and cutting boards, meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. These kitchen essentials not only excel in functionality but also serve as exquisite pieces of art that enhance the overall aesthetic of your culinary space.

In summary, Andrew Pearce Bowls in Vermont is your destination for the most elegant and long-lasting Walnut and Cherry wooden bowls and cutting boards. When you choose Andrew Pearce, you're not just acquiring kitchen tools; you're investing in timeless craftsmanship and eco-conscious excellence.

If you're ready to elevate your kitchen with these exquisite creations, visit Andrew Pearce Bowls today and discover the beauty and durability of Walnut and Cherry wood for yourself.

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