Children's DIY Cutting Board Kit - Andrew Pearce Bowls

Children's DIY Wood Cutting Board Kit


This kit is a wonderful way for kids to learn basic woodworking skills. Originally Andrew put these together for his own children and their school classroom. 

We've included everything you need to finish their own small cutting board, as well as step by step instructions. Safe for ages 5 and up! You will receive: 

  • Unfinished board, approximately 8" x 6" 
  • A 20oz bottle of food-safe, allergen-free refined walnut wood oil 
  • 3 grits of sandpaper rounds
  • Velcro foam block to attached to sandpaper 
  • Foam brush to apply wood oil 
  • Pair of latex gloves 
  • Step by step instructions w/ photos 

Disclaimer: We recommend adult supervision and this project be done outside.