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What makes our bowls special? Innovative design, quality wood, and unique character. Our bowls are made by highly skilled craftsmen at our workshop in Vermont.

Store location : 59 East Woodstock Road (Route 4), Hartland, Vermont 05073

Call us : 802-735-1884

When you are in Vermont, please visit our Workshop and Store on Route 4 between Quechee and Woodstock. You can watch our craftsmen at work. In our store we offer bowls—and much more—for you to use and enjoy every day.

Our workshop and store in Hartland, Vermont, is open daily


Andrew Pearce on Making Bowls

There are two basic ways to make wooden bowls: by machine or turned by hand. Machine-made bowls can be easy and inexpensive to make, but they can also lack character. Hand-turned bowls can be beautiful, unique, and can also be quite expensive. We found a way to bridge both worlds.

Andrew Pearce shapes a wooden bowl

Several years ago, I went to visit a defunct woodworking factory in northern Vermont. In the shop was a “rough-out lathe,” a fascinating machine I had never seen before; it allowed the woodworker to cut several bowls from a single block of wood. I was inspired by it and created my own interpretation of it. Our machine allows us to make consistent hand turned wooden bowls, each with subtle character. In essence, we combine practical machine-made techniques with handcrafted results.

Most of the logs we use to make our bowls are cut from trees in our home state of Vermont and nearby New York. We use cherry and black walnut wood for the majority of our bowls. At our store you can find bowls made from other wood, such as maple.

I built our own low temperature dehumidification kiln from a shipping container and special sensors. It allows us to properly dry green wood bowls and to customize the drying process for different kinds of wood. Drying wood carefully is important so that the bowls do not crack. Once the bowls are dry, they are sanded by hand on a lathe that uses special vacuum to hold them in place.

As the bowls are turned at a very high speed on the lathe, we use a “bowl gouge”—a tool used for hundreds of years by bowl makers everywhere—to fine-tune the shapes and design details. The bowls are finished with our custom, boiled walnut oil to replenish some of the natural oil in the wood.

We make bowls in four main designs—Champlain, Willoughby, Live Edge, and Echo. In each collection we offer a variety of sizes. Every bowl is handcrafted with care. We also make wooden cutting and serving boards and serving utensils to compliment our bowls.


Andrew Pearce Bowls

From the rough cut wood block, the woodworker forms the inside of a bowl


Stacks of bowls are ready for sanding and detailing


The woodworker sands the outside of a large Champlain Bowl


The woodworker fine-tunes the outside and creates the rippled-edge detailing of a large Willoughby Bowl


Several bowls and other wooden products on display at our Workshop Store


Andrew Pearce Vermont Store Andrew Pearce Vermont Store Andrew Pearce Vermont Store Andrew Pearce Vermont Store

Some of the special, seasonal items available at the Workshop Store only

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