About Buying Burls & Trees

Buying Burls 

Occasionally, Andrew Pearce Bowls will buy burls from local loggers or landowners. Please note we are not able to pick them up, and it would be your responsibility to deliver them to our Hartland VT workshop. If you have a burl, please email us at info@andrewpearcebowls.com and include the following: 

  • Photos (from both sides if possible) 
  • Diameter (minimum 18 inches) 
  • Tree species 
  • Confirmation the burl/burls were sourced responsibly 
  • Note we do not buy any pine/softwood 

Buying Trees 

We are often asked if Andrew Pearce Bowls will buy or use trees from private landowners. The short answer is no, this does not work for our operation. Andrew works with a short list of professional loggers, who he has personally vetted to ensure they are responsible and committed to the environment. To be efficient, our business orders log in specific quantities and quality standards. Therefore we don’t have a need for individual logs or trees. 

(We also are not able to make custom orders out of private landowners’ trees.)