Cherry Burl Sculpture - "The Acropolis"

  • A work of art to be cherish for years! The grain of this burl sculpture is stunning in person. Large enough to be a centerpiece or focal point of your home decor. 

    We source burls from local Vermont trees, by partnering with loggers and arborists. 

    We are happy to provide additional photography, as each burl is so unique and different from each angle. 

    Measurements: 13" x 14" x 8" 

  • Each bowl is hand turned by professional wood turners in our workshop store in Vermont.

    Learn more about how we make our products.

  • With proper care, your finely crafted Andrew Pearce wood product will last a lifetime—and beyond.


    1. Hand wash with warm soapy water after each use.
    2. Immediately after washing hand dry with a clean cloth.
    3. To help maintain its natural wood beauty and integrity, occasionally recondition your wood product with Andrew Pearce Walnut Oil.

    DO NOT:

    1. Do not put in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven.
    2. Do not leave in standing water.
    3. Do not use vegetable oils or mineral oils to recondition your wood product; they contain ingredients that may create a culture for bacteria to grow.

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