Large Cherry Burl Sculpture - "The Baseball Glove"

  • This large Cherry burl sculpture was hand carved in our workshop in Vermont. We finished this piece with our premium walnut wood oil.

    Measures approx. 29"l x 29"w x 17"h

  • Each one-of-a-kind burl sculpture is hand carved, sanded and finished in our workshop in Vermont, from locally sourced burls.
  • With proper care, your hand crafted burl sculpture will last a lifetime—and beyond.

    For burls finished with our premium walnut oil:

    1. Hand wash with warm soapy water after each use.
    2. Immediately after washing hand dry with a clean cloth.
    3. To help maintain its natural wood beauty and integrity, occasionally recondition your wood product with Andrew Pearce Walnut Oil.

    For burls finished with premium lacquer:

    1. Occasionally wipe clean with general household cleaners.

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