A few staff favorites for an inside perspective of the people who know the ins and outs of our products. Including Andrew's pick!

1. Mike (Production Manager) - 16" Live Edge (oval) Bowl

Always looks unique; perfect size for a 4-6 person family.


2. Sarah Cheverier (Sales Director) - Uashmama Alle Bag

Great over-the-shoulder bag. Made of recycled washable paper and leather accents. Easy to tote, but holds all the essentials.


3. Dan (Metal Craftsman) - Any 12" bowl with the most unique wood grain

You don’t have to look too far to find a wide variety of beautiful wood grains while shopping Andrew Pearce.


4. Ryan (Maintenance and Safety) - 12” Live Edge Black walnut Bowl

Great bowl for 2-4 people. As useful as it is aesthetically pleasing.

5. Willy (Bowl Turner/ Craftsman) - Champlain Bowl

Your classic round bowl with the natural patterns of the tree it came from.


6. Shannon (Retail Specialist) - Medium Double Live Edge Board

Efficiently sized for cutting and/or presenting.


7. Tia (Shipping Specialist) - Burls  

When your family is full of artists, they can truly appreciate the natural beauty and craftsmanship of a lovely designed bowls.


8. Andrew Pearce (Founder and CEO) - Medium Carving Board

A grill master’s best friend. Andrew is all about functionality in addition to natural beauty. This board has hand groves and juice grooves, making it easy to carry around without having meat juices sloshing onto the ground.


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